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Thursday, September 21, 2017

What We Do

Association Laboratory is your single source strategic provider for independent, objective and empirically validated information and insight on association business strategy.

The company provides cutting-edge techniques for qualitative and quantitative analysis, data-mining and data analytics that are customized to the unique needs of each client.

Association Laboratory also provides several proprietary processes specifically created to address common association challenges.

Research and Consulting Services

Proprietary Services

Research and Consulting Services

Association Laboratory provides integrated research, facilitation and consulting services designed to help you make better decisions.

Research tools designed to help you develop strategy include the following.

Qualitative Research

Association Laboratory provides a full complement of qualitative research services providing in-depth investigation.

  • Secondary research
  • In-depth executive interviews
  • Online and in-person focus groups
  • Online bulletin boards
  • Online market research communities

Quantitative Research

Association Laboratory provides a full complement of quantitative research services providing empirical validation of hypotheses.

  • Data mining
  • Online surveys
  • Telephone surveys
  • On-site intercept surveys
  • TURF analysis (Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency)
  • Discrete and conjoint analysis and predictive modeling
  • Qsort analysis

Professional Facilitation

Association Laboratory provides professional facilitation services to create leadership consensus.

Services range from ½ day meetings to multi-day retreats and include agenda development, process design, and event leadership.

Tracking and benchmarking studies

Association Laboratory leads ongoing tracking or benchmarking studies to monitor association progress and identify and assess industry trends. Common studies include the following.

  • Membership satisfaction or net promoter studies
  • Educational activity/event evaluations
  • Salary surveys
  • Operating ratio studies
  • Environmental scanning studies

Proprietary Services

Association Laboratory has developed a series of proprietary processes based on the company’s extensive experience with association strategy development. These processes are customized to fit the unique needs of each association client.

  • Strategic Planning

    Association Laboratory’s strategic planning model provides independent and objective data combined with professional facilitation to create leadership consensus on the association’s goals and corresponding business strategies.

    This model includes qualitative and quantitative research giving your leaders the insights needed to make critical decisions while professional facilitators provide independent guidance of your strategic discussions to build leadership consensus.

  • Member Value Proposition Analysis

    The Member Value Proposition Analysis identifies the programs central to the decision to join and retain membership in the association.

    The MVP Analysis provides a comprehensive picture of the motivations for membership and how these motivations are reflected in the choice of association programs and services. The MVP analysis also highlights programs for potential improvement, reduction or elimination.

  • Member Benefit/Price Optimizer (and market simulator)

    The Member Benefit/Price Optimizer identifies the combination of benefits and price point that results in the best membership model for acquisition and retention.

    Association Laboratory identifies the combination of membership benefits and the corresponding price point with the highest acceptance in the market. We create an interactive simulator providing predictive “what if” analysis identifying how changes in membership benefits or price will impact acquisition and retention.

  • Product Feature/Price Optimizer (and market simulator)

    The Product Feature/Price Optimizer identifies the combination of product features and the price that results in the best sales strategy to drive market adoption and sales revenue.

    Association Laboratory identifies the best combination of product features at a particular price point that maximize sales of your conferences, webinars, publications and other products. We create an interactive simulator providing predictive “what if” analysis identifying how changes in product features or price will impact sales.

  • Market Reach Analysis

    The Market Reach Analysis helps you identify which association programs increase your association’s reach into a target audience.

    Association Laboratory uses a sophisticated T.U.R.F. analysis to identify how the addition of association programs improves the association’s ability to successfully expand into a critical market and, in addition, identifies the point at which additional association programs no longer contribute to building market penetration.

  • Membership Needs Assessment

    The Membership Needs Assessment is an entrepreneurial process designed to identify challenges faced by members that could be addressed by the association through new or modified programs, services or other initiatives.

    Association Laboratory conducts a comprehensive analysis including environmental scanning, market identification/segmentation, competitive assessment, and the role of the association in members’ lives. We then lead a discussion of key association stakeholder groups through a methodical process to prioritize needs and determine the ability of the association to address these needs through business strategy.

  • Engagement KPI

    The Engagement KPI represents a cutting edge marketing analysis identifying and tracking the engagement of key audiences.

    Engagement describes the complex interaction between a person and the association. Association Laboratory defines engagement for the association and develops a customized metric tracking engagement.

  • Environmental Scanning

    Environmental Scanning Analysis provides essential information on the future environment facing members and the implications of this environment on the association.

    Association Laboratory identifies the external, industry, organizational, professional and personal influences on the lives of members and collaborates with the association to determine their implications on strategy.

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