Welcome from My Seat at the Bar

Like many of you, I travel. Often. More than often in fact. I average more than 100 days a year on the road. This isn’t a complaint. I love seeing new places and having the opportunity to meet the people I’d otherwise only talk to on the phone.

My travels have inspired the name of this blog, From My Seat at the Bar.

You see, I’m usually traveling by myself and find that, often, I’m sitting at a hotel or airport bar nursing a cocktail. It’s at these times when I think about the work we’re doing, what’s working and what isn’t. I consider the challenges I face as a leader and how I hope to move my company from where it is to where I want it to be.

I also sometimes get drunk because I love classic cocktails and consider my time at the bar experiential research.

The point is this.

I find my mind is more creative, less bound by business rules and traditional leadership assumptions during these visits.

My goal is to use this blog to highlight issues I think are critical to be an effective leader in a dynamic, global business environment. On these pages, you’ll learn about the common themes we’ve identified across clients, deeper insights we glean from our research and the practical lessons shared with us by clients and friends within the industry.

I’ll also share occasional tidbits on travel, food, cocktails and local fun I experience on the road. Not everything is about work, ya know.

Check back each month see what’s up and what’s new and if you ever want to introduce a topic or insight, just contact me.

Next month’s topic: Is your classic Manhattan cocktail the perfect metaphor for good business strategy?

Cheers from my seat at the bar.