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It’s foolish to have a blog called, From My Seat at the Bar, and not provide insight into booze now and then. How, I as a leader of a company during this crisis, effectively self-medicate to improve moral and performance (my own). We now know, thanks to our government leaders, that liquor stores are considered an essential service. Something most of us have known for quite some time. Our instinctive drink choices give insight into how we cope with difficult or changing times. Why work so hard when every answer to every question can be found in your liquor cabinet? Let’s begin. Booze = Medicine In his wonderful book, Colonial Spirits, a Toast to Our Drunken History, author Steven Grasse properly reminds us in the first chapter that booze is medicine. Early settlers were faced with bad water. Dealt with a host of diseases. Fought with hostile natives (now pronounced neighbors). Drinking in America was equivalent