History & Values

In 1999, I was inspired to start Association Laboratory to provide the type of fact-based advice, critical thinking, and creative insights I saw in strategy firms serving the for-profit sector.

My goal was to provide the highest quality information and practical strategic insights to association leaders so they could develop successful, sustainable business strategy.

Today, Association Laboratory is an award-winning company serving leading state, national, and global associations through offices in Chicago, IL, and Washington, DC.

We are nationally renowned for our client work and our peer-based industry research into the strategic issues facing association leaders.


Critical to our success has been a commitment to the following principles:


Association Laboratory is designed from the ground up to be an effective partner, standing with association leaders to help them understand and make the best possible strategic decisions.

By continuing the company’s commitment to my original vision and these principles, I hope that we’ll be helping associations develop successful, sustainable strategy for many years to come.


We look forward to working with you.

Dean West
Dean West
President and Founder of Association Laboratory