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 SEPTEMBER 19TH, 2018 1:00 PM EST

Trials, Tribulations, and Solutions

for Engaging Young Professionals


with your Host, Dean West, FASAE


You know that engaging younger members of your profession or industry is vital to your association’s long-term health….but how do you know what will work best and how to get started?

As shown in Association Laboratory’s groundbreaking environmental scan Looking Forward™ associations continue to struggle with this critical strategy. Consider the following:

  • *     81% of association executives  stated that this market was uninterested in traditional membership models.
  • *     77% stated that their younger leaders were uninterested in traditional governance models.

The lack of enthusiasm and outright distrust of many associations makes the creation of new, successful strategies to build young professional engagement essential to long-term, sustainable success.

This month’s Webinar Wednesday is based on Association Laboratory’s research-based, peer-driven white paper Engaging Young Association Members. This white paper incorporates insights from more than 30 professional  and trade association leaders with practical experience increasing young professional engagement.  Attendees will receive this whitepaper one week before the webinar.

During this Webinar Wednesday you will:

  •    Learn about the unique nature of younger audiences and what is the impact on their decision-making.
  • *     Understand the principal challenges facing young association member engagement and recruitment
  • *     Learn strategies to address these challenges designed to improve young association member engagement.
  • *     Receive a copy of the white paper Engaging Young Association Professionals.
  • *     Earn one (1x) CAE credit hour
Sign up now for this one-hour online educational opportunity provided by Association Laboratory, inc.   YOU WILL RECEIVE WEBINAR LOGIN INFORMATION  AND YOUR COURSE MATERIALS ONE WEEK PRIOR TO THE WEBINAR.

About Your Presenter!  Dean West, FASAE and President of Association Laboratory, is a noted thought leader on membership acquisition, retention and engagement theory and strategy. He is a former association CEO who has served on the ASAE Membership Council and authored the article on Membership Research for the ASAE book Essentials of Membership. A frequent author and speaker, Mr. West has advised leading state, national and global associations on membership strategy for more than 20 years.


If you need more information or have questions please contact Andy Long, Vice President in our Chicago office at 312.224.2626 or by email at along@associationlaboratory.com.