Looking Forward DEI Methodology

Looking Forward® (DEI) 2021 provides a picture of the current state of DEI in the association sector with a focus on diversity and the challenges and strategies considered most critical to trade and professional associations.

Association Laboratory developed and deployed an online survey to collect data from association leaders.

Response options for Looking Forward® (DEI) 2021 were informed by an examination of secondary research and client DEI studies incorporating both quantitative and qualitative data.

Example: “In which of the following stakeholder perception areas does your organization believe a lack of diversity creates the most challenges? Select up to three.”

A total of 425 individuals completed the survey.  The response includes:

  • 191 respondents were classified as association Chief Staff Officers
  • 9 respondents were Volunteer Leaders.
  • 34 respondents were Assistant Executive Director/COO
  • 47 respondents were Senior Domain Executive (CFO, CMO, etc.)
  • 84 respondents were Association Staff Working in a Specific Domain Area
  • 18 respondents held a different job title