Education & Content strategy

In a dynamic world where professionals and organizations face new challenges and opportunities on a daily basis, creating successful professional development, education or credentialing strategy is very challenging.

Critical to success is assessing how the world is changing, understanding the impact on current and future competencies for your stakeholders and crafting and education value propositions that is future focused and adaptable.

Association Laboratory has been leading successful education strategy and education product marketing strategy since 1999.

We approach the educational needs of your stakeholders in a holistic fashion, understanding the totality of their relationship to your association. Our research helps you understand what they need to know, what they want to learn and how your association needs to deliver on your education promise in a commercially viable way.

Education Product Feature/Price Optimizer

The Education Product Feature/Price Optimizer identifies the combination of product features and the price that results in the best sales strategy to drive market adoption and sales revenue.

Association Laboratory identifies the best combination of product features at a particular price point that maximize sales of your conferences, webinars, publications, and other products. We create an interactive simulator providing predictive “what if” analysis identifying how changes in product features or price will impact sales.

Content Strategy
Association Laboratory uses a combination of data analytics, qualitative and quantitative research to identify priority content, assess the delivery channels most critical to successful content distribution and provides a blueprint for internal organizational structure to successfully develop and sustain content strategy.

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