Meetings & Conventions Strategy

The choices facing professionals and companies for education, buyer/seller interaction and knowledge exchange have never been more extensive. More alternatives means more challenges for association convention planners.

By understanding key audience needs, the components of face to face events they consider compelling and crafting a convention offer that is specific to what drives their choices, associations can create successful and engaging events.

Association Laboratory helps you develop more successful convention and tradeshow strategy by helping your understand the key motivations that drive event choices, the event features that create compelling experiences and the structure that delivers on attendance, exhibitor and revenue goals.

What makes us unique?

Meetings & Conventions Strategy
Industry Knowledge

From Looking Forward, our global environmental scan of the association business environment to Planning for the Meetings of Tomorrow, a white paper on the state of attendee-focused technology in business events, Association Laboratory’s proprietary knowledge of what drives attendee behaviors is unmatched.

Industry Relationships
We work routinely with the hospitality industry and key association leaders within the meetings and conventions industry. The access and insight these relationships create, allow us to see the totality of how face to face events help you improve engagement with your target audience and drive business outcomes.
Industry Experience
Association laboratory has been producing private events and seminars for years. We don’t just talk about compelling events, we apply the knowledge to our own activities to determine for ourselves, what works and doesn’t work. Our team includes individuals who’ve been in the trenches of convention and trade show management from attendee marketing to logistics, F & B and instructional design.

For more information and examples of Association Laboratory’s work in meetings, please visit Meetings & Conventions in our  Knowledge Center.

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