Membership Strategy

Unlocking Membership Success with Association Laboratory

With more than two decades of unparalleled expertise in advising associations on innovative membership models, Association Laboratory has honed a triad of strategic pathways to address your association’s unique challenges:

Needs Discovery:

    • The Challenge: A widespread decline in all programs suggests a seismic shift in member needs, rendering your existing value proposition obsolete.
    • Our Solution: Dive deep into understanding how your audience’s dynamics have evolved. We help you uncover the root changes in member needs and re-align your offerings to ensure enduring relevance.

Benefit Prioritization:

    • The Challenge: Associations often expand program offerings without phasing out redundant ones, leading to diluted efforts and challenges in member recruitment and retention.
    • Our Solution: We guide you in discerning which benefits are critical to the decision to join/retain and in curating the optimal blend of programs for each audience segment. By focusing on essentials and phasing out obsolete programs, we ensure your resources are focused on providing value.

Membership Offer Modeling:

    • The Challenge: Even with relevant programs, determining the correct pricing and benefit configuration remains pivotal.
    • Our Solution: Leveraging advanced research methodologies like conjoint analysis, we help you simulate market responses to various offers. This empowers you to pinpoint the membership offer and price point that promises maximum success in the market.

At Association Laboratory, we’re not just consultants but your strategic partners. Let’s collaborate and craft a membership strategy tailored for success.

Membership Strategy

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