Integrated, State of the Art Research Services

Opinion-driven, biased decisions result in poor strategy, lower staff morale, and wasted time, financial resources and volunteer leader energy.

Associations serving complex audiences in a dynamic professional and industry market need valid, actionable intelligence to develop effective strategy. They need to monitor this information over time to identify threats, diagnose programmatic challenges or monitor changing member or stakeholder needs.

Association Laboratory is an award-winning, full service research company providing integrated qualitative, quantitative and data analytics services customized to the strategy needs of associations.

We have “written the book” on association research, writing the chapter on Membership Research for the ASAE book, Membership Essentials. We’ve led hundreds of research studies focused on key questions around membership, meetings, education and components and international strategy.

Your association receives comprehensive insights from empirically-validated data using the most sophisticated research techniques in the industry to inform your decisions.

Customized methodologies using leading techniques result in actionable data to inform your decisions.

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