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Data Analytics & Data Mining Services

Too many associations are sitting on a mountain of data that could be providing insights into what members want and how they want it. The result is lost revenue and a limited understanding of what motivates members to engage with the association.

Data mining and the application of data analytics techniques allow you to understand how your members and customers interact with your association and how to change your tactics and strategy to take advantage of this interaction to improve business outcomes.

Association Laboratory provides full-service data analytics and data mining services. These services are customized to the needs of your association, based on the quality and quantity of your available data.

Data analytics services generally take the following forms:

Trip Wire Identification

We identify specific behaviors by member and nonmember customers that are directly related to engagement outcomes. In particular, we determine key levels of activity (such as dollar amount spending, frequency of event attendance, frequency of website visits, etc.) that indicate an increased likelihood of acquiring, retaining, or losing members. This allows your association to develop and target intervention strategies at the most critical times.

Predictive Modeling

We analyze existing databases and use predictive or segmentation modeling to identify key audiences or behavioral trends, or to anticipate future decisions regarding engagement, membership, or product purchases.

Robust Data Set Creation

We can append existing information from your database to survey data collected, providing a more comprehensive data set for analysis.

Engagement Scoring

We identify the key factors defining engagement and create a dashboard allowing staff to monitor changes in member or customer engagement.

Behavioral Segmentation

We can analyze the historical trends of membership, attendance, or other activities to identify key audience segments based on behaviors.

Association Laboratory often integrates data mining with other research techniques to create a robust picture of your members’ and customers’ goals, motivations, and choices.

For more information and examples of Association Laboratory’s work in data analytics & data mining, please visit Research Tools and Techniques in our Knowledge Center.

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