Qualitative Research Services

Without a deep understanding of the needs and motivations of your target audience, it is impossible to understand how best to serve them.

Qualitative research represents techniques allow you to fully understand the environment facing your stakeholders. Qualitative research is designed to identify motivations and opinions and narrow choices for potential testing through quantitative methods.

Association Laboratory is a full-service qualitative research company providing a range of qualitative services customized to the needs of associations. Since 1999, we have investigated hundreds of different audiences across professions and industries. Our experience allows us to identify unique insights otherwise missed that are critical to effective decisions.

Association Laboratory qualitative research techniques include the following:

Qualitiative reserach Services
Confidential Worksheets
Online or emailed worksheets are a fast, inexpensive way to cast a wide net when conducting exploratory research. Quick and convenient for respondents, they allow an association to quickly identify key issues critical to important decisions.
Executive Interviews

Confidential telephone interviews allow you to understand complex or confidential issues critical to a key strategic question. Association Laboratory collaborates with you to design an interview protocol, recruit participants, and conduct the interviews and subsequent analysis.

Face-to-Face Focus Groups
Face-to-face focus groups allow you to take advantage of existing groups of leaders, members, or customers and leverage their interaction for new insights. Association Laboratory’s face-to-face focus group services include the design of discussion guides, moderation of the focus groups, and the development of analysis and reports consistent with the research goals.
Online Bulletin Boards and Online Focus Groups
Online bulletin boards and focus groups allow you to quickly harness the insights of geographically dispersed national or global audiences that are difficult to reach by traditional means. These research tools are popular among younger professionals and can allow for more robust discussions by incorporating interactive elements such as informal polls.
Regardless of the method used, Association Laboratory’s qualitative research services are designed to ensure the most successful engagement possible, by including the following elements:

For more information and examples of Association Laboratory’s work in qualitative research, please visit Research Tools & Techniques in our Knowledge Center.

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