Quantitative Research Services

Without valid data to understand subtle differences between audiences or to prioritize, configure, or price strategic options or offers, it is impossible to create successful, sustainable strategy.

Valid, state of the art quantitative research provides the detailed, precise knowledge necessary for modern association leaders to make effective decisions.

Association Laboratory is a full-service quantitative research provider producing single- and multi-lingual customized surveys to provide the most useful, valid information to decision makers. Since 1999, we have investigated hundreds of different audiences across professions and industries. Our experience allows us to identify unique insights otherwise missed that are critical to effective decisions.

Association Laboratory quantitative research techniques include the following:

Quantitative Research Services

Association Laboratory obtains data for quantitative analysis in a variety of ways. Regardless of the method used, Association Laboratory’s quantitative research services are designed to ensure the most successful engagement possible, by including the following elements:

Association Laboratory will work with your staff and leaders to determine the analytic technique most relevant to your research goals.

Common techniques include the following:

For more information and examples of Association Laboratory’s work in quantitative research, please visit Research Tools & Techniques in our Knowledge Center.

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