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Voice of the Member Program (VOM)

Association Laboratory’s research discovered that most associations have poorly integrated, episodic research that frustrates staff and volunteer leaders and costs too much money.

A planned, ongoing process of member investigation creates a more predictable and effective and more affordable means of collecting, analyzing and using information to support staff decisions and improve business outcomes.

Association Laboratory’s Voice of the Member (VOM) program is an innovative, affordable service designed to help you and your volunteer leaders make better decisions. In today’s fast paced and complex business environment, better decisions are essential to your organization’s ability to achieve its Mission and serve its members.

You receive an integrated and ongoing research program consisting of the following:

  • Strategic Decision Blueprint to create a predictable plan of research activities
  • One strategic survey to inform long-term decision making 
  • One tactical survey to monitor current programs and services


  • Two qualitative research projects to provide insights into strategic issues and member motivations
  • Annual report summarizing key insights from all research activities
  • Dedicated professional research team to lead all activities, analysis and reporting

Key Features of the VOM program include the following:

Fixed scope and price

You know exactly what research is being done, what decisions it is designed to inform and how much it costs so you can plan and budget accordingly.

Proprietary industry research access

You receive access to Association Laboratory’s industry research allowing you to benchmark your association against industry peers.

Dedicated, professional support

You have an Association Laboratory analyst assigned to integrate and lead all research activities and coordinate the support of the Association Laboratory team.

Convenient reporting

Research results are communicated online and in person to ensure you completely understand what the data means and how to use it to inform decisions.

Future focused strategic insights

You receive insights informing strategic Board and staff decision making by helping you understand the changing environment facing your members and the implications on their goals and choices.

Customization options

Association Laboratory is a full service, integrated research and strategy company specializing in associations so your services can be customized to meet your changing needs.

Tactical success monitoring

You receive tactical information informing program implementation and the monitoring of key success metrics to keep track of your success or inform modifications to ongoing membership, meetings, content and other strategies.

The VOM is designed to help you understand your market, develop strategy and successfully implement your programs and services in a planned and predictable manner.

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