Strategic Research Planning

Without a research plan, your association’s research activities are more expensive, less actionable, and poorly integrated across departments. The result is poor decisions driven by faulty data, leading to failed programs.

A strategic research plan helps you manage and integrate your research across departments, provides a predictable scope of work and ensures your decision makers get the right data when they need it.

Association Laboratory’s proprietary Decision Management Blueprint™ provides you with a detailed annual plan of research activities designed to improve the quality of insights while reducing waste and inefficiency.

Key questions addressed by the Decision Management Blueprint™ include the following:

Strategic Research Planning
  • What are the strategic and tactical outcomes driving strategy?
  • What decisions need to be made in order to successfully achieve these outcomes?
  • What information and analysis is needed to support these decisions?
  • How is the information used to inform decisions?
  • When is this information needed and how often is it needed?
  • What processes are necessary to collect, analyze and discuss this information?

The Decision Management Blueprint™ provides you with a plan outlining the scope and cost of all research activities, the timing of these activities, and how the analysis and reporting needs to be provided to your staff and volunteer leaders to inform decisions.

For more information and examples of Association Laboratory’s work in strategic research planning, please visit Research Tools & Techniques in our Knowledge Center.

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