Now Recruiting: Digital and Content Marketing Manager

Opportunity at Association Laboratory: Digital and Content Marketing Manager


Interested in working with one of the leading association strategy firms collecting, disseminating, and educating association leaders on what works and doesn’t work in association management and leadership?

Enjoy working from the comfort of your own home? Want to contribute to an outcome-based, collaborative culture? Do you like connecting the dots between data and insight and communicating complex ideas to association leaders?

Do you hate spending all day in meaningless meetings? Tired of being micromanaged? Living most of your life in a car while you commute? Ignoring your family?

Maybe you should work with us.

Association Laboratory is currently recruiting a Digital and Content Marketing Manager to coordinate the company’s content dissemination and marketing activities.

This is a home-based position with occasional travel.

Position Description


The Digital and Content Marketing Manager is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the company’s content and digital marketing efforts and managing relevant technology platforms.  This position reports to the President of Association Laboratory.

This job will require the successful candidate to manage the distribution and marketing of content for the company and coordinate the ongoing operations and integration of this content on the company’s web, learning management and marketing systems.

The following describes specific responsibilities in more detail.

Content Management and Marketing


This person is responsible for implementing direct, partner, and social media marketing efforts to promote participation and engagement with the content. This position will support these efforts in the following ways.

  • Support implementation of content production activities (events, webinars, sector reports, white papers, etc.) including the following.
    • Project management
    • Subject matter expert coordination
    • Content design, or production
    • Content engagement evaluation and recommendations for improvement
    • Content calendar management
  • Implement content marketing tactics based on the marketing plan including the following.
    • Copywriting
    • Email marketing management
    • Social media posts
    • Web updates
    • Marketing and technology partner coordination
    • Marketing program evaluation
  • Plan, promote and evaluate content distribution activities such as webinars, virtual workshops, or face-to-face events. Including the following.
    • Project management
    • Marketing copy development and posting
    • Digital, social media or partner marketing implementation or coordination
    • Activity (webinar, event, etc.) planning and implementation
    • Attendee/customer service activities for content participants
    • Coordinate post webinar evaluations and, where necessary, CAE certificate distribution
    • Manage relevant technology platforms and vendor relationships

This position requires the successful management and coordination of the following platforms.

Website (


The Association Laboratory website is the principal communication tool outlining the value proposition of the company and the consulting, sector research, and education programming the company provides.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following.

  • Manage relationship with hosting company, to ensure technical functionality and interconnectivity with other systems.
  • Write, post, or otherwise edit content on the website based on marketing and content strategy plans.
  • Participate in long-term planning and decision-making regarding the structure and design of the website.
  • Monitor, report and make recommendations to improve website traffic.

Learning Management System (


Association Laboratory produces content designed to improve association leader competencies. The content ranges from white papers to webinars and face-to-face events. This content, provided via the Knowledge Center, is hosted on the learning management system CE21. The Knowledge Center is both a revenue and marketing tool for the company.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following.

  • Manage relationship with CE21 to ensure technical functionality and interconnectivity with other systems.
  • Learn and eventually optimize, the use of CE21 as a platform to provide educational content and programming to association leaders.
  • Write, post, or otherwise edit content for the Knowledge Center based on marketing and content strategy and the ongoing activities of the company.
  • Participate in long-term planning and decision-making regarding the structure and design of the Knowledge Center.
  • Monitor and report on LMS-based content sales and traffic.

Looking Forward Dashboard


The Looking Forward Dashboard is a data portal through which Association Laboratory provides association leaders access to association sector research reports. Specific studies include Looking Forward (Impact), Looking Forward (Solutions) and Looking Forward (DEI). The data from these studies can be viewed, customized, and downloaded from the Dashboard. The Dashboard is provided by our sponsor Gravitate.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following.

  • Manage relationship with the sponsor and provider Gravitate to ensure technical functionality and interconnectivity with other systems.
  • Make recommendations and oversee implementation of improvements in user functionality or to align the Dashboard more closely with company goals.
  • Write, post, or otherwise edit content for the Dashboard based on marketing and content strategy and the ongoing activities of the company.
  • Monitor and report on Dashboard engagement.

Technical and Other Requirements


The following are potential areas of experience that will make your job easier and your performance better in this position.

  • Marketing, communication, or directly relevant degree preferred.
  • Experience marketing to the association community preferred.
  • Experience with WordPress preferred.
  • Experience with the CE21 content platform or other learning management system preferred.
  • Certificate or experience in digital marketing tactics preferred.

Characteristics of the Optimal Candidate


While no candidate is perfect, the following represents attributes of the optimal candidate.

  • Culture – You must be self-motivated and able to be successful without constant direction while you take the initiative, when needed, to reach out and collaborate with others.
  • Association market knowledge – You need to understand associations. We would love a minimum 3 – 5 years of association experience. This could be working at or talking to associations. They are our market.
  • Demonstrable competency – You need to be able to prove you know what you’re doing. Please be able to show a demonstrable record of achieving defined outcomes.
  • Detail conscious – You are obsessive about details, connecting dots and making sure every piece of the puzzle is put together correctly.
  • Multi-project management – You need to be comfortable working simultaneously on different types of projects and adaptable to how our focus may change with market needs. Previous multi-client or multi-association experience would be super.
  • Great writing and copywriting – You need to be able to communicate complicated thoughts in writing. Exemplary writing skills are a must. Copywriting or content development is even better. You will often be the Voice of the Company; you should be comfortable in this role.
  • Digital marketing – You should have a demonstrable record of experience managing digital marketing or related technology platforms.
  • Content marketing – You should have a demonstrable record of participating in the implementation multi-channel content production and distribution.
  • Technology skills – You must be able to use a computer. Proficiency with Microsoft Office products, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint are pretty much a given. Additional software skills, particularly in marketing, content, LMS or web technology a plus.

Association Laboratory has a development track designed to orient you to the company and train you to be a successful and respected content and digital marketer, but you need to bring the basic building blocks to the table. We have a great team of people excited to work with you and help you be successful.

More information on the company can be found at

Company Culture and Structure


Association Laboratory has a matrix organizational culture and model. There is no central office or vertical hierarchy. To be successful within this environment requires the following:

  • Personal and Professional Accountability

Each person is accountable for the planning, implementation, and successful accomplishment of his or her work with minimal supervision.  The company places a high priority on the ability of an individual to work independently to complete high-quality work.

  • Team Accountability

Every individual is responsible for the success of the entire team: everyone can rely on you to help them, and you can rely on everyone else, as well. This requires staff to work within the Association Laboratory system and comply with appropriate planning and communication guidelines and schedules.

  • Objective, Critical Thinking

Clients do not engage Association Laboratory for our opinion or statements of “what worked when I was with an association.” Clients engage Association Laboratory to conduct quality research, objectively and thoughtfully consider the information, and apply a collaborative business process to ensure the clients reach their own conclusions on the meaning and use of the information. Although we make recommendations, our focus is on helping clients learn and make their own decisions about their future. The content marketing strategy directly impacts the environment of our prospective clients and influences their perception of Association Laboratory as a potential service provider.

  • Communication Outreach

Within a distributed, decentralized structure, verbal and written communications are paramount to success.  Frequent phone and email interaction with other Association Laboratory personnel assigned to each project are required.


Bachelor’s degree would be nice but not required

Certified association executive (CAE) would be nice but not required

To Demonstrate Interest


If you are interested in this position and think you measure up, send your resume, LinkedIn information and some guidance on your compensation needs to Dean West, President at [email protected].